2019.07.01 ( New! )

Since February 24, all packaged resources in the blog are in 7z format. BandiZip is recommended for decompression.

BandiZip官方网站下载 https://en.bandisoft.com/bandizip/

2019.02.24 本日解压密码设置失误,可能为1069boys.net,仅此一日,以后资源继续使用1069boys

Sorry for the mistake, some of the resources released on Feb 24, 2019 might use the password 1069boys.net. We will keep the 1069boys as password in the future.

2月1日之前资源的解压密码为 1069

2月1日之后资源的解压密码为 tm1069

Since February 1, 2018, all newly released resource passwords have been changed to tm1069, and the previous resource password is still 1069.

6月7日起,资源的解压密码变更为 1069boys. ( New! )

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